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To start, we’ll look at the basics: how you can get 100% application availability and scalability through layer 4 load balancing; layer 7 load balancing; and global server load balancing.


The ability to direct incoming user requests to the correct server resource based on layer 2-4 information — IP address, TCP port, etc. — is mandatory for all basic load balancers. In addition, NetScaler delivers the industry’s broadest array of load
balancing technologies, including:


Layer 7 load balancing, or content switching, is an extension of the traffic distribution, health monitoring, and session persistence capabilities of layer 4 load balancing. The advantage: load balancing decisions can be based on application-layer data. NetScaler redirects traffic not only on attributes such as HTTP header, URI, SSL session ID, and HTML form data, but can use any payload value. This enables the load balancer to improve datacenter efficiency by reducing duplication of server and database resources.

In addition, with NetScaler, services and components that comprise an application no longer need to be implemented on all server nodes. This means images (jpeg, gif, png, etc.) can be stored on one server while text and other content can be stored on another. Each server can then be tailored to the exact functions it supports for maximum efficiency.


Global server load balancing (GSLB) provides critical disaster recovery in the event of site-level disruptions or outages. NetScaler accomplishes this through continuous monitoring that ensures optimum load balancing of global traffic; if a datacenter goes off line, each user’s session is transparently redirected to another location. And unlike many other load balancers, GSLB functionality is seamlessly integrated into NetScaler so that a separate device is not required to provide this service.

Discover how advanced load balancing with NetScaler enables easier deployment, a single point of management and significant cost savings.